What Is VR Dynamite?

VR Dynamite and our Dynamite Score are on a mission to becomes the VR community's most trusted source for virtual reality game news and reviews. We aim to provide an unbiased and uninfluenced point of view concluding (in our honest opinions) what games are total duds and what games are a total blast!.

We're much more than all that, however! We strive to be an additional marketing outlet for the developer community that helps drive game sales.

What Is A Dynamite Score?

Dynamite has a rich history of being the tool miners initially used when blasting for gold. We're no different here in our search for games we consider striking gold.

The explosion size represents our final opinion of a game with the largest explosion being the best.

Total Blast Dynamite Score

A Total Blast:

This badge of honor is reserved for every game we score higher than 5.5 yet lower than 8.6 out of 10. This is a game you can purchase with confidence.

A Total Dud:

This badge of shame is reserved for every game we score lower than 5.6. This is a game you should either skip or at best, wait for a significant sale.

Not Reviewed:

When there's currently no Dynamite Score given to the title. This could be either due to the game not yet released or not yet reviewed. If you're a game studio with a non reviewed game, please reach out to us.

What Is Certified Explosive?

Certified Explosive status is a very special distinction awarded to only the absolute best VR titles. It represents the best-in-class for every rating factor and a badge studios can display loud and proud in their marketing.

For a game to be awarded this bade they must score higher than 8.5 and you can buy this title with full confidence at full price knowing you're in for one heck of an experience!

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