Captain ToonHead vs The Punks from Outer Space Coming Soon To Oculus Quest 2

August 31, 2021


Captain ToonHead vs The Punks from Outer Space is a true first-person tower defense, designed for VR.

This is not your diorama-style VR tower defense. In Captain ToonHead you'll move all over the map, hammering away to upgrade your towers, while throwing over-powered chanclas recklessly.

You'll take manual control of your towers to unleash streams of heavy-metal powered hot sauce and shoot electric beams from weaponized pizza at your enemies.

After the squad sent by the World Treaty for Freedom (WTF) got fried in the "burrito incident", it falls to Elliott Salazar, the cartoon-obsessed facility technician and only survivor, to save Earth.

There’s a new captain onboard: Captain ToonHead!

The hero we got stuck with.Balance action and strategy:You're going to do a lot of shooting, but shooting alone will not defeat the waves of Cyber-C.H.I.C.K.E.N.s and Terra-S.H.A.R.K.s. Combine those PIGñata tower bombs with your chancla throws in a very strategic way if you want to save the EnerCubes and defeat Nicholas Voorhees' P.U.N.K. army!



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