Echo Arena Season Two Shows Off Echo Pass 2!

June 8, 2021


Echo Pass Season 2 Now LIVE!

Today Echo Arena Season 2 went live and we now get to see everything that comes with that!

Season 2 is running from June 8th until August 22nd and brings a slew of new rewards and unlockables with it. At a cost of 1000 Echo points, it will triple the amount of Echo Points you can earn throughout season 2!

What Are Echo Points And How To Purchase Echo Pass Premium?

Through Oculus's DLC, you can purchase any number of Echo Points and unlock Echo Pass Premium.

Then in-game you can spend your Echo Points in a variety of different ways:

● Unlocking access to the Premium Echo Pass via the Customization Terminal — the Premium Echo Pass costs 1000 Echo Points

● Premium Echo Pass users can then purchase tiers of the Echo Pass — each tier costs 200 Echo Points

Echo Points can be purchased in various bundles:

● $4.99*- 500 Echo Points

● $9.99*- 1000 Echo Points +50 Bonus = 1050 Total Echo Points

● $19.99*- 2000 Echo Points +140 Bonus = 2140 Total Echo Points

● $49.99*- 5000 Echo Points +450 Bonus = 5450 Total Echo Points

*Prices are shown in USD, exchange rate and local taxes may apply

Players can expect more ways to redeem their Echo Points coming later this year!

Echo Pass Season 2 Rewards

Season 2 offers up an additional 50 reward tiers that include customizations of characters, heraldry, personal TXP boosts, group TXP boosts, and Echo Points. Players can earn Tier Experience Points (TXP) by playing matches, and TXP unlocks Echo Pass Tiers. 






Tag Rewards for Echo Pass Season

VRML Season 3 Rewards:

Players who participated in Echo Arena VRML Season 3 and met the reward qualifications will receive their unlocks in-game by June 11. Keep an eye out for more information and announcements in the Echo Arena VRML Server.



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