Epic Games Sues Nreal AR Glasses Maker Over “Unreal” Name

May 19, 2021


Epic Games lawyers are licking their chops once again as they now take the AR company Nreal to court. It's all over trademark infringement claims claiming that Nreal is too much of a resemblance to Epics "Unreal".

Personally, this would make complete sense to me had they called these glasses "Nreal Engine" or had Epic games been in the AR space themselves...

To me, this is a stretch!

Should Epic win this legal battle, it sets an entire president on how companies can trademark common single words moving forward.

It's hide time I roll up my sleeves and trademark "Dynamite" before someone beats me to it 😉 haha

Speaking of single word trademarks...

Epic is currently in an ongoing "epic" battle against Apple over their in-app commission pricing. This court battle is long from over but already bringing along positive change for new developers.

Apple has recently reduced their commission fees from 30% to 15% for any developer with under 1 million in sales.

VR Dynamite watches cases like this closely because their outcome will most likley predict the direction Facebook will take their the Oculus store.Enter your text here...



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