Facebook Acquires POPULATION: ONE Studio BixBox VR

June 12, 2021


Facebook is in the VR space to compete and win so it comes as no surprise that they officially just acquired BigBox VR... The creator of Population: One!!

Population: One built off of the popularity of Epic Games Fortnight but put its original spin on battle royal and set players loose in VR.

When it comes to stand-alone VR, Facebook is really the only player in the space. This gives them an even more unfair advantage when it comes to acquiring VR game studios.

Facebook already knows the sales data of these games giving them a powerful insight over other companies.

In a few years the VR space will be an absolute battlefield. We'll have Oculus, PSVR 2 AND potentially Apple all competing in the space.

History has shown that exclusives often depicted console generation winners and Facebook looks to take the lead!

Earlier in the year Facebook stated that there had been six titles successfully clearing 10 million in revenue... And now facebook owns their fair share of them!

What makes things even that more interesting is when we look at what most those games they own now have in common...

Most of them are all online multiplayer based games!

Onward and Population: One are even competitors for player base in many ways.

When you pair that with the leak of 18-20 million units of the next Oculus Quest 3 system in the works for 2022...

I think it's safe to say we can expect some incredible sequels to these games in the works.


Mark Zuckerberg himself might have already let slip that Onward 2 is on the way last week!Enter your text here...



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