Far Cry VR comes to Zero Latency’s VR arcades

June 1, 2021


Hot off the heels of Far Cry 6 comes word that the Far Cry VR experience will officially be coming to Zero Latency VR arcade chains!

With 9 US locations and a combined 33 arcades worldwide, this one just might be worth making the trip for.

Suited up in an HP Reverb VR headset combined with a backpack (housing an 8th gen Intel Core i7 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card) You'll get to carry a controller that looks and feels lifelike to a rifle!

Join 7 others in 400 square meters of open area play space as you have to work together deep in the jungle if you want to survive!

You'll need to take down countless enemies all while exploring parlous caves and even traveling by rickety cable car as you take out henchmen!

Far Cry VR marks the first official AAA VR experience to come exclusively to Zero Latency and let's hope it's just the start! 

As personal VR systems such as the Oculus Quest become more consumer-friendly and affordable, these arcades will have to step it up to remain in business.

The Far Cry 3 VR experience is expected to last for 30 action-packed minutes and transports you to ROOK ISLANDS.

Crystal clear water sparkles as far as the eye can see. Bright, silky sand sifting between your toes. Good friends, great times and not a care in the world. So many memories in the making, and even more selfies!

That’s exactly how this trip was going before your group was captured and imprisoned by Vaas, and his small army of henchmen.

Not quite the tropical holiday you were hoping for?

Vaas and his crew get bored really quickly. Turns out, even the charms of an idyllic island life of organized crime and kidnapping gets tiresome eventually.

Hungry for entertainment, this innovative gang has added a twist to the sport of hunting and well, you see where this is going - they’re hunting you and your friends.

You need to do whatever it takes to get the f*#& off this island.

Fight your way across Rook Islands’ vast environments. Come face-to-face with Vaas as you and your group dive deeper and deeper into the jungle.

You’re about to discover the definition of insanity.



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