Nerf Oculus Quest Combat Game: What We Know So Far

June 13, 2021


Nerf Ultimate Championship was recently announced at the Upload VR showcase event as coming to the Oculus Quest in 2022.

However, the announcement trailer revealed little about the game itself other than the game will feature different Nerf blasters, bold colours, and a neon 'Tron' look.

So in this article we’re going to unpack everything we know about the game so far.

Starting with the obvious, Nerf Championship will feature a selection of different Nerf guns, from the more classic style guns to the newer variety.

We are unsure of how many guns will be available but we can expect a decent selection based on Nerfs back catalogue of blasters. In the trailer we see a few blasters on show; two smaller blasters with an internal clip, a pump-action shotgun type blaster, and a fourth blaster featuring a rotating bullet drum. 

Each blaster will have its own pros and cons, so players will need to choose different blasters for different situations or select the blaster that best suits their skill set.

Players will also be able to customise their avatars and Nerf blasters to make them unique to themselves.

The game itself takes place in an arena where you get to go head to head with other players from across the globe.

It’s also bound to be a fairly physically intense game as you duck, dodge and weave to avoid incoming darts, just like a real Nerf battle. The arena style combat also promises to include cheering fans along the sidelines.

Other than the fact you will never lose another foam dart again, that's about all we know so far about Nerf Ultimate Championship.

But whilst we still know very little at this point, the Nerf website here promises to release more sneak peaks and tidbits of information about the game over the coming months.

Does the thought of duking it out with Nerf blasters in VR appeal to you? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!



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