New VR Horror Game Project Hellsweeper In Development! Devil May Cry in VR?

June 9, 2021


Earlier this year the team behind Sairento VR (Mixed Realms) announced they were working on a second game designed to be Sairento’s spiritual successor. They recently shared pre-alpha footage of this new title codenamed project Hellsweeper. 

Project Hellsweeper is a VR horror combat game that you can check out for yourself in the video below and it looks to be shaping up pretty nicely!

In project Hellsweeper the team promise ‘visceral stunts...and god-like fight sequences’. It sounds like this latest development is set to deliver some intense high octane action that pushes the limits of VR, or that’s the plan at least.

Hellsweeper is going to be designed with innovative mechanics in mind that reward mastery of the controls to offer a challenge for both new and more seasoned players alike. 

The Sairento devs intend to have a more complete trailer for Project Hellsweeper at the end of the month and will likely open the game up for beta testing in one to two months time. You can join their Discord here for the latest news on Project Hellsweeper and the public beta release.

Take a look at the footage below and let us know what you think in the comments!



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