Oculus Quest V30 Getting Multitasking

June 15, 2021


Mark Zuckerberg Leaks V30 Oculus Quest Infinite Office Multitasking

It's always a treat when good old Zuckerberg used his Facebook account to keep us in the loop on upcoming features...

And today's post was a treat!

On his personal Facebook account, he showed us a video of him running browser windows alongside his core explore screen. 

Previously we've been restricted to only opening up multiple browser windows yet never being able to do it outside of the browser feature itself.

This is a tiny step forward, to say the least, and the use cases are limited yet it's a bunch of all these small things that will gradually add up to one larger vision.

The biggest complaint currently is the lack of total desktop streaming, limiting much of its use to native Oculus tasks (which are few and far between)

There has been speculation that the Quest system is not trying to go after the serious power users right now, rather try and make the Quest an alternative to Chromebooks.

I believe as we see lighter, more powerful headsets and faster, stabler internet connections become the norm...

Along with competition from the likes of Apple and their rumored headset, we'll be more likely to ditch a monitor in favor of a headset.

Also in the comments of his own post he announced that the Oculus Quest 1 will also be receiving the AirLink feature! Sure to make many original Quest users take a breath of relief!



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