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Free Promotions

Launch Trailer

We'll push the trailer of your game out to our youtube subscribers as well as website readers. Heck, we'll even help you craft the perfect game trailer if you ask!

Sneak Peeks

Let us strategically display clips of gameplay and unique game mechanics that build excitement and curiosity around the launch of your game!

Dedicated Game Group

Our "Demolition Crew" can join and subscribe to content exclusively related to your game. This is a great place to engage your fans and absorb feedback!


Nothing sells a game more than a community that loves and supports those who made it! Join us for a 1 on 1 and build a new fan base salivating at the thought of playing your game.

Game Review

Your game receives a written review and video review and earns a "Dynamite Score"  along with a badge and quote that can be used in your marketing


Easily the fastest way to get our users excited for a game launch is the chance to win the game on launch day! Even one free key goes a long way!

Paid Promotions

Sponsored Videos

We can either feature you in part of a video or dedicate an entire video to you alone... Or both!

Viral Quiz

This is a powerful marketing tool because it pre-qualifies customers along with the chance of going viral

Website Takeovers

We completely rebrand our website (background image, theme colors, all ad spaces) Along with include a countdown to your launch at the top of the page. This is the ultimate exposure!

Sponsored Posts

Have an entire article posted to the site or slip an ad in multiple existing articles

Featured Game Group

Bring your games group in our member area to the top of the list. Build a following and a discussion around your game

Email Promotion

This is easily the biggest bang for your buck as we can target your most likely customers and land directly in their inbox!

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