Player 22 Sports Trainer Coming To Oculus Quest

July 10, 2021


Rezzil Player 22 is an ever-growing collection of athlete designed training games and exercises that will improve your fitness and reaction times across a wide range of sports.

Want the reaction times of an F1 driver?

The fitness level of a pro athlete?

Step into Rezzil Player 22 and train in drills developed with the world's best sports professionals. Rezzil is the world’s most advanced gym, in your living room.

Headers Improve your soccer heading technique without ball impact in over 60 training led levels that can be used in the real world.

Hoops VisionPush your fitness level with our Basketball rhythm game, an intense workout that will also improve your vision on the court.

Reaction Wall Improve your reaction times in any sport. Hit the lights as quick as you can and see how you stack up on the world leaderboards.

Blokz GameWhen trainings done, head over to the Rezzil Spaceport and take on the bots in a fast-paced racket game full of mayhem and explosions.



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