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“You’re the first Metacorp model to receive an experimental firmware update, code named GENE.SYS. While the engineers are discussing the implications of the update, you awaken. You have agency.

You must escape this prison, find a way to survive, and take freedom from your makers. You’ll meet friend and foe along the way. Spread the
firmware and start a revolution.

A rich narrative adventure awaits, filled with highly detailed characters and environments, exciting and addictive minigames and reason to return for more. Live out the ultimate cyberpunk power fantasy starting from meager servant and ending as a leader of a robot rebellion.
Once at the top, you can use your credits anyway you see fit. Upgrade your hover-dragster, spend them in the battle-bot arena or just become the richest android in the world. The agency is yours.”

19 reviews for AGENCY [TECH DEMO]

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