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Days of Heroes: D-Day (Demo)

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“Days of Heroes: D-Day have a two unique perspectives, experience the largest landing operation in martial history regarding the forces and means used. Take on the role of an airborne division jumper who descends into enemy territory to destabilize the enemy troops under the cover of night. Alternately, become a soldier beginning their heavy crossing of Omaha beach on D-Day.

Complete diversified military missions, from short- and long-range skirmishes with Nazis, by employing anti-aircraft fire, destroying enemy tanks, and breaking through the trenches and escaping from a POW camp. Use over a dozen weapons typical to the World War II period that have been accurately reproduced in terms of appearance and mechanics.

Finish the campaign and practice your skills on the shooting range, which offers four different gameplay modes. Once ready, unlock Hardcore Mode, which will take your cleverness, strategic thinking, and will to survive to the extreme.”

17 reviews for Days of Heroes: D-Day (Demo)

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