Dr. Zaney’s Insane Labs

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“PINBALL LAB – Build your own pinball machine! You can have a single table or a multi tiered table the choice is yours! Place Toys, Ramps, Teleporters, Flippers, Bumpers, Spinner Targets, Platforms and much more!

MINI GOLF LAB – How about a round or two of mini golf? Select your course, select your hole count (Front 9, Back 9 or Full 18) And go for the cup! Or if you want to get really creative, why not try our ‘Contraption Golf Mode’ Where you can setup track parts and more to get to the cup even faster!

CONTRAPTION LAB – Have you always wanted to set up a bunch of objects such as Dominoes, Elevators, cannons, trampolines, boosters, tracks, and much more, to see if you can make that awesome trick shot? But your house is too small or the wife won’t let you? Well now you can!

BREAK ROOM – Equipped with some state of the art, retro arcade games for your enjoyment, such as: Skeeter Ball, Hoop Master & Whack A Max.

More content to come in future updates for free! See you soon!”


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