Escape Legacy

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“You Play as Erica who follows the adventurous steps of her grandfather. Find all Ancient Scrolls while you trying to make your way to the escape door.

Solve series of Puzzles and riddles! Explore numerous rooms and locations, find hidden items,clues and escape before time runs out! Play with a new fresh type of Realistic Gameplay for escape rooms!

Forget about Old casual escape room or point and click games… BE IN THE ROOM! Begin your Adventure today and make your True Escape!


Movement : Locomotion/RoomScale/Teleport
Amazing High Detailed Graphics
Puzzles and Items Change Every Time you Play
10 Levels with 80+ Rooms to explore
Over 10 Hours of Gameplay
Challenging Puzzles
Thrilling Music and Sound Effects
Player Interactive Gaming Enviroment
Intelligent Inventory System
Unique Scoring system with Global Scoreboards

*Please Note that a network connection is also required for submitting your scores. *Game Progress is stored Localy, please backup before uninstalling.”

6 reviews for Escape Legacy

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