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“Welcome to GLADIATUS !

You have been selected to participate in a new great intergalactic TV show. What’s your mission ? To survive in the arena as long as possible!
Your coach and billions of spectators are relying on you to make the show!
Blasters, missile launchers, akimbo, … Use what you can to stay alive!
Improve your performance (speed, strength, …) and your weapons, for more epic fights !
Looking for a challenge? Come and test the survival and challenge modes, It’s showtime !
Embark on a delirious adventure that you won’t soon forget !

• Use a wide range of weapons and equipment to defeat enemies.
• Improve your stats (defense, strength, speed, …) and your weapons
• Unlock blueprints to buy devastating new weapons
• Play relentlessly in Survival Mode to be on the top gladiator list
• Accomplish all missions in challenge mode

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