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“Guardians is an innovative VR shooter that blends RTS and FPS genres in a Sci-Fi setting.
The game is compatible with Oculus Quest as well as PCVR, has a single player campaign and multi player PVP and PVE-Coop modes. Both multiplayer modes are cross play between PC and Quest.

It also comes with a full-blown level editor that you can use to create your maps from scratch. You can play alone in the editor, or with friends in co-op design sessions.

As a Guardian you are part of an elite unit responsible for protecting the federation while they extract a newly discovered and mysterious new energy source, perovskite, a red and very powerful mineral that only grows in the outer rim of the galaxy.

In addition to their powerful arsenal, Guardians can also instantly summon and control defensive structures and units to help them fight invading armies.”

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