Gym Masters

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“Welcome to town, rookie!

This is Gym City, the mecca of fitness, where every citizens’ focus is health and hardcore exercise.

Each inhabitant is a whole different person, but there is something everyone has in common – the ambition of building the most admirable gym on the planet, and sharing it with the community.

Every citizen wants to prove their capacity. Are you ready to prove yours?

This is your journey to success. Each master will have a set of mini games ready for you to play, the more progress you make, the tougher the mini games get: faster-paced, harder movements and more physically demanding.

You don’t always have to let the masters set the pace, you can also improve at your own pace.

Whenever you unlock a new minigame, you will be able to replay it as many times as you like, to improve your skill, getting fitter, or just enjoying the scene!

And remember, you will achieve new objects to improve your gym and build the best looking one anyone have ever seen.”

9 reviews for Gym Masters

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