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“The game’s intense arrow shooting, excellent flying experience, innovative movement and cool skills allow players to immerse themselves in the virtual battle of ‘arrow’ shadow.

-Multi-platform unhindered global players to play together.
-Multi-mode for the players to choose at your will.
-Super smooth VR archery simulation experience from Airranger continuous iteration.
-The unique muscle memory flight movement system makes players enjoy it!
-Incredible diversity of bow characteristics, sniping, scattering, explosions, blinding to make the
player more enjoyable!
-Complete with a wealth of sub-weapons and adrenaline-pumping skills system.
-Full-body IK system and varied dress-up stores make the character no longer monotonous.
-A variety of social play to meet the social needs of players, so you are no longer alone in the battle.
-Multiple ranking system, season system and complete guide OB system, so that the exciting moments can also be blooming globally.”

33 reviews for Hibow

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