Hoops Madness

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“The intense physical play, fast-paced action, and many thrilling and fun arcade game modes will leave you breathless as you take over the court in a larger than life arena surrounded by exhilarating sights and sounds that only the pros get to experience. With all sorts of thrilling and fun arcade game modes that you can’t do anywhere else but in Hoops Madness⏤you’ll never want to play in reality again!

Hoops Madness embodies competitive, real-world, physically active sports for individual and player-vs-player (PvP) competition of skill and fitness. Receive points for consistency, trick shots, and game mode bonuses. Features include:

● Physics-based Realistic & Satisfying Ball Handling
● Online Multiplayer
● Match-Based Play
● Plethora of Game Modes
● Skill-Based
● Custom Match Set-up
● Immersive Dynamic Environments
● Themed In-Game 3D Tutorials
● Achievements
● Leaderboards and Tournaments”

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