Kitchen Island VR

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“The virtual cooking game offers a unique kitchen experience! Whether in single player or multiplayer mode, cook exciting dishes on different islands. Adapt to the conditions of the island and prepare recipes without letting anything burn!
Cook your way through various recipes, such as burgers, fries and even sushi!
Face the different challenges waiting for you and prove your skills.
No matter if you want to cut, smash, stir or fry, dive into your virtual kitchen island and prepare all ingredients correctly.
Conquer the kitchen in 4 different levels before facing the hungry end boss.
Do you manage to satisfy his hunger before he takes a big bite of you?!
Kitchen Island VR is all about being the best and fastest cook!
Complete the missions alone or with friends and show off your kitchen talents! Crack the high score with skill and tactics, because at the end of a mission the helicopter is only waiting for the players who cook successfully! So, do your best!
Let the (VR) cooking begin!”


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