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“Players all over the world are transported to the cyber space outer space with a large amount of mysterious energy distributed in different spaces. To become a superstar in the cyberspace, you need to swing your body and use the energy rackets to collect energy. In the meanwhile you can stimulate sports potential of your body and even get a higher ranking.

Game features:
◆ Dynamic electronic music with Tron-style art style, players can easily get started and immerse themselves in a different world
◆ Stretch your hands and body through rhythmic movement, and exercise at the same time to get higher scores
◆ Six well-designed levels with three different difficulties to choose
◆ Various interactables, dodging, tapping and breaking experience make the game more challenging
◆ Compete with all players on the global leaderboard
◆ Long-term play makes exercise no more boring and also achieve the goal of weight loss at the same time”

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