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“MageCosmos (Version Alpha) finally arrived! Users can now get a glimpse of our desired metaverse where social, entertainment, and education happen altogether! In addition, we have provided each user a brand new personal room where users can create their avatar, title, and even voice. With all of these new settings (more to come in future updates), we hope the users can create a new identity, social and play in the social hub and multiplayer interactive games with old and new friends!

-Users can create their avatar, choose a label that matches their personality, and change their voice
-Users Interact with friends in the social hall and experience exciting ways of interaction
-Users can talk with other people when getting near
-New Game ‘The infinity Defend.’

We believe our latest Alpha version could bring more joy and address some of the feedback we received. In the meantime, welcome to join our discord channel #MageCosmos ( to discuss with our team.”

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