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“Maloka instantly plunges you into an effortless & enjoyable VR meditation experience. Set in a ‘private island’ atmosphere, players navigate personal awareness, presence, and connection to literally build a thriving inner world. As each player cultivates their mindfulness practice, their private island flourishes & grows. Maloka is designed to create a long-term, beneficial, and consistent meditation practice for all levels.

Feel The Results — Maloka exists in a digital world, however meditation is still a very human experience. We engage players in a palpable, personalized, satisfying, multi-sensory experience.

Effortless Experience — Meditation happens the moment you enter Maloka. Whether you’re a ‘minute’ or ‘marathon-meditator’, our insta-retreat is as simple as putting on your device.

Enjoyment — Our enjoyable meditation experience is designed to create consistency & growth.

8 reviews for Maloka (Beta)

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