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Master of the Tattooverse (DEMO)

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“Disguised as the legendary Sensei, you play as the greatest tattoo artist in the universe, ever. He redefined the art of tattooing and he is the magical glue that’s holding the universe together. You’re the Sensei. At least that’s what everyone thinks! Sensei is gone for a while and as his apprentice, it is your duty to hide his absence by pretending to be him! With your custom-made tattooing assistant BucketBoi 9000, you have your tools and inks all-in-one machine. Play with different tattoo machines, needles, colors and even gloves, create art, take photos and share with your friends!

Immerse yourself into a hilarious adventure as you tattoo Sensei’s extraordinary clients, ranging from an ancient vampiress to a demi-god Viking warrior. But hey, don’t worry about your lack of artistic skills; no one dares to question the Great Sensei’s avant garde art, and they think you are Sensei thanks to his signature mask that was made by a material from out of this world, that only he can have.”

5 reviews for Master of the Tattooverse (DEMO)

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