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“Modulia Studio is a VR MIDI controller.

It allows you to wirelessly control any MIDI-compatible software and has an especially deep integration with Ableton Live™ 10 & 11. It also features a standalone mode with embedded sounds.

Build your custom studio using the 11 different modules:

– Session (controls the session view of Live™)
– Circular Keyboard (a beautiful 360° keyboard)
– Scale Keyboard (a versatile scaled keyboard)
– Expressive Keyboard (a MIDI-MPE keyboard for expressive performances)
– Remote (remotely triggers multiple notes and visual effects at once)
– Pads (a 4×4 pads grid)
– Cube Mixer (a 3D mixing space)
– Cylinder Mixer (a cylindrical 3D mixing space)
– Knobs (4 configurable knobs)
– Sliders (4 configurable sliders)
– FX (visual effects)

Download Modulia Desktop for MacOS and Windows to connect Modulia Studio to your MIDI software:


Ableton® and Live™ are trademarks of Ableton AG.”

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