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“Nanome – Your Home for Nanoscale Design
Imagine a future where chemistry and the molecules are no longer difficult to understand. Nanome enables you to build your own molecular structures or explore the intricacies of a DNA strand or understand what medicine looks like at the molecular level.
•Import molecular structures from RCSB Protein Databank, Pubchem and Drugbank.
•Manipulate molecular structures by literally reaching out and grabbing, rotating, or enlarging your molecule.
•See Atoms, Residues, Chains, or Proteins as Stick, Wire, Ball & Stick, or Van der Waals.
•Measure distance and angles between atoms.
•Mutate amino acids and cycle through rotamer conformations.
•Build with any element from the periodic table.
•Minimization simulations.
•Duplicate or Split any selected area of your structure to modify or export independently.
•Private & public multi-user support including 2D mode
In-app camera to capture and export images.”

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