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“Offices. Meets. Parties. NokNok is a place where you or your team can meet, do work, and socialize. Loaded with lots of intuitive tools: from good ol’ blackboards to the fastest room booking to elevators.

Create your own room or NokNok yourself in.

Solo or team, here’s what you can do:

Boards how they should be, when things were done the chalky way. Equipped with haptic feedback chalks.

The Elevator:
It takes you places.

Private Rooms:
Spawn a room, password it.

A tablet browser in your hand with a keyboard attached.

Maximize your browser, put it behind you with Google Slides & spawn the Zoom camera and record yourself.

Text recognition:
Cursive your way through, then scan it to text.

Save images to your pc.

For when things don’t go right.

Intuitive controls:
Radial menu + discard anything by just throwing it away.”

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