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“Painting in virtual reality is easy: mix your colors, dip your brush in and start painting.

The experience is very hands-on, easy to understand, and aimed at all ages. Play around and feel the relaxing satisfaction of putting unlimited amounts of fresh paint on a huge canvas. Teach yourself the basics of colors, the painting process and composition. Sharpen your skills by experimenting with the tools and techniques at hand, and become part of a new wave of digital artists. All without having to bother about cleaning up afterward.

The version launched on 5/5/21 is basic but fully operational. The development period is planned to take about a year. We aim for updates every trimester. The second update will add more creation tools, third update will focus on connecting with the world and other users and the fourth update will introduce the ability to add new environments and tools through our market place.

17 reviews for Painting VR

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