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“Snap back dozens of giant 3D jigsaw puzzles in VR, and cut your own 3D puzzle for friends and family.

In VR models are much more impressive than ordinary puzzles: giant cookies, dancing jelly fruits, entire miniature mythical battles, small magical worlds with floating boats and moving clouds…

2 series: Comfort Food and Diorama
24 models from 21 creators. Some models are animated, but not all.
Bonus experimental series: NASA Perseverance and Ingenuity.
42 different puzzles in total (we’re cutting more puzzles regularly, automated updates).
17+ hours of play to finish all the official puzzles
Cute your own puzzles in VR for your friends and family to play.

In Peco Peco jigsaw puzzles feel physical: you grab the colorful pieces, you snap them back, and as you do the model comes to life with sounds and animations.

Coming next Q1/Q2 2021 new free series, each including 12 models and 36 puzzles:
In the Attic
Cute cars
Swords and Katanas
Full-Size Robots”

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