Poly Star VR

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“◎ Story of Polly Star
One night when crash-landing on the vast desert
A young boy met in the middle of the desert tells the story of his travels.
Hear the stories of various stars in the beautiful night sky.

◇ You can enjoy a beautiful 3D poly art game with simple and easy operation.
It’s very simple and easy to play.

◇ A beautiful 3D art piece is rotated 360 degrees and when the pieces are aligned, a beautiful picture is mine!
When finished, it feels like you have one art book.

◇ Do you remember the little prince from the fairy tale?
You can hear the story of the little prince’s journey while matching art pieces.

◇ Listen to the stories of people in’Poly Star’ and complete their stars.
Putting together 3D art pieces and listening to their stories will soon complete your own wonderful star.

◇ A magical game where all the stress of the day will be forgotten by matching beautiful pictures with beautiful music.
Travel the planet and hear their stories.”


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