Power Force

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“# This is a brief demo for testing some concepts we want to realize in shooting games.
# All kinds of suggestions are welcome. We would like to grow with Oculus Quest users!

Alien forces are invading Earth, must protect our homeland right away.
Come! Grab weapons and eliminate endless enemies till the wormhole closes!

Features of the gameļ¼š
1. Diverse types of Alien forces and attack modes
Multiple alien forces with diverse attack mode are coming to you!
Please be aware of that there might be transformable armored car that dashes toward you.

2. Trendy weapons and bullet
To beat the endless enemies, you will have to collect different weapons in the battlefield and select a proper weapon to defend!

3. Confront with the mighty boss
The gigantic alien spaceship is the final boss of the war! Defeat it and become the savior of Earth.

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