Range Day VR

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“Range Day VR is an early access game and updated regularly with new content and fixes.

Range Day VR is designed to give players a taste of what an actual gun range is like while letting players explore iconic realistic firearms without danger of shooting the family cat. Compete against other players in challenging timed events.
Range Day VR features several authentic firearm models as we have obtained permission from the manufactures for use in game. We also have plenty of other fantasy and facsimile modern firearms to expand your sandbox destruction as well. More than one is always more fun. While Range Day VR will initially launch as a single player game to begin with it has always been our intention from the beginning of the games design to implement cross platform multiplayer experiences.

-Multiple indoor and outdoor ranges in various day and night settings.

-More than 40 weapons to shoot. More added frequently.

subscribe to beta’s at support@invidioustudios.com”

5 reviews for Range Day VR

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