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“RESONARK X LITE is an unprecedented rhythm game in VR.
You use a two-handed hand controller to clap your hands and manipulate six strings.
You can enjoy the music deeply through the stage directions that change depending on your performance.

Added VRM model linkage function in VR mode! You can now play the game with your own VRM model.
– This software does not come with any VRM model, so please prepare your own model.
– The VRM model is currently only available with 3-point tracking (HMD and left and right hand controllers).

This game includes a wide range of electronic music, trance, instrumental, techno and ambient.
Each song is accompanied by a musical score, basically for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

Many people, from beginners to experts in rhythm games, can enjoy this game.
Each music chart is created by hand, not automatically generated.”

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