Roll or Die!


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“In Roll or Die! you are in a giant Hamster Ball that you spin with your hands, and you need to Escape each level as fast as you can, grabbing as many gems and stars as you can… and hopefully encountering as few cats as you can! ?

Each Level Has 3 Stars you can earn:
– One star for collecting at least 1 Gem.
– One star for collecting at least 1 Star.
– One star for collecting *all* Stars and Gems.

Some gems have side effects, so pay attention to their colors. (Specifically, blue gems will give you a speed boost — other gems are planned for future releases.)

Some levels also have giant scary cats (also in hamster balls ?) — and if they notice you, they will come say ‘hi’ to you, …and probably kill you by accident. So… you might want to run from them!!

Note: Roll or Die! was first developed as an entry to the the very first Metafest VR Game Jam, and it did so well that I’m going to be actively developing it, by fixing bugs and adding content. Stay tuned!”


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