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“Turn on Sport Mode to take it to the next level of VR physics interactions where your creativity is the limit, the successor to Physics Playground.

Physics Driven – Realistic physics to create a visceral connection between you and the virtual world.
Arena Mode – Fight off waves of enemies for the highest score.
Creative Mode – A button press away from spawning and manipulating a variety of weapons, NPCs, and props.
Sandbox Modifiers – Customize the experience to your liking with optional super strength, dismemberment, oil splatter, time stop, a jetpack, and much more.

Puzzle Levels – Solve physics-driven puzzles in the fastest time possible.
Obstacle Courses – Get through a series of challenging physical obstacles in the fastest time possible.
Online Leaderboards – Compete with your friends with your highest scores and fastest times.
Much More – New levels, weapons, tools, props, modifiers, and vehicles will be added over time.”

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