Stardust VR

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“Stardust VR is an action game inspired by the classic Space Invaders arcade. set in a relaxing and charming world.

You can play in solo, co-op, or versus modes with a friend in this competitive shoot-em-up.

The game is set on a beautiful floating island where you prepare to shoot and dodge furiously as you blast enemies into space dust!

Stardust VR features three main gameplay modes where you can either play solo or co-op with your friend against waves of enemies in a bid to climb the world leaderboard. Or you can play versus mode where both players spawn enemy waves against each other!
Key Features :
-Binaural 3d sound.
-Physics gameplay based mechanic gives the game unique AI behavior.
-Defend against, and spawn your own, waves of creatures to defeat your opponent.
-Tactical elements where you decide when to gather resources in your bid to defeat the enemy!
-Interactive visual based on the BG Soundtrack!”


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