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The Haunted Ride – A VR Horror Series

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“The Haunted Ride is a VR horror film in full feature-length (split int 4 chapters, about 10-15 minutes each), which tells the story of an influencer collaboration shoot that went WRONG! Rico, Maya Sam, and their weird cameraman Albert rolled in an RV to Burningland. The biggest music festival ever. Little did they know, the RV was haunted and the ghost within it started haunting their dreams and altering their reality until they ultimately lose their minds. ?

The Haunted Ride is a campy, spooky and thrilling horror film. It is clean from gore, appropriate for general audiences, and is an epic step in 360 cinema. With spatial sound and endless trippy worlds and nightmares, this movie is a rollercoaster of excitement.

In this app, you will be able to download all 4 chapters of the VR movie on high quality, for smooth offline playback. Just walk up the stairs, get into the temple, and find the Chapters gates. “

2 reviews for The Haunted Ride – A VR Horror Series

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