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The Puny Climber: Kletterei


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“Early Access

In this sequel to the 2017 game The Mighty Eye you play as an unhatched eye. You have sticky hands that automatically attach to any surface so you can climb but also walk on your hands as if they were feet. That makes you like half your usual size, turning you into an agile little climber.

Your every move will be watched by observing full fledged eyes, which are looking for bricks to build their tower with. They need to look at a certain number of same color bricks before they can collect them. You can help them collect or impede their efforts. Working with the eyes will reward you with high scores but you also need to reach coins which are the key to completing the levels.

The outside world is a dangerous place. Watch out for rats and other enemies that guard collectible power ups and also come out swarming at night.

Feel the action. When you dodge, you dodge. When you run, you run. It’s the immersion of actual movement.


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