VR New York Story


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“Are you hesitating to go study abroad because you have a tight budget?
→Experience studying in America virtually only for $49.99! You will learn how to speak 3800 different expressions in English as well as enjoying on-the-spot experiences i

Are you still hanging out with friends who speak the same language, while studying overseas?
→Communicate with 32 different foreign 3D characters like Sam and Barbara and become real friends!

Are you too nervous to speak when you bump into foreigners, worrying that you will make a mistake?
→Don’t be afraid! Practice and enjoy daily life conversations with various characters and gain confidence!

Are you stuck at home wanting to travel to New York? (I do!)
→You only need a VR headset and once you make a one-time purchase of VR New York Story, we’re all set. Off to New York!

Dive right into VR New York Story to check-out more episodes including traveling, daily life, life at work, having a relationship and more!”


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