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“Welcome to Zephyrus, a world on the verge of the logical and the magical, full of wizards, witches, mystical and cursed beings. Become a mage, wield your power to escape from the clutches of your enemies. Gather a company to uncover the secrets of the world, solve puzzles, and defeat creatures on the way.
Get ready, the journey is never-ending, and will take you to places you have never been before, all of them are mysterious and challenging.

Search for the way out of Zephyrus in a single-player or LAN-multiplayer mode. Collect and use mana to unravel 3-dimensional sliding puzzles. Be aware, at times it takes more than one mage to solve a challenge, acting at the same time can become essential.
Casting magic in certain places – like touching a floating rune – can lead to an unexpected metamorphosis.
Be on the lookout for hidden chests, who knows what you may find.
The creatures you will meet in the world are magical – curses, spells anything is possible!”

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