PSVR Announced 7 New Games Ahead Of E3

June 4, 2021


E3 is fast approaching and PlayStation decided to jump the gun today and give us a look at 7 PSVR titles they plan on launching soon!

1. Sniper Elite VR (July 8th Also coming to Oculus!!)

"Your home, your family and everything you love lies in the path of a vast and brutal army. Will you pick up your rifle and stand against impossible odds to defend them?

Rebellion, in partnership with Just Add Water and Coatsink, brings you a brand new addition to our multi-million selling Sniper Elite series. You will experience a powerful World War II story through the eyes of an Italian Partisan, rising with your brothers and sisters to protect your homeland from the fascist forces that threaten to destroy your homeland."

2. Wanderer

"Wanderer is an action-adventure set in an alternate timeline. One where nature has taken over and everything you know about our real world has been flipped on its head. Is it within your control to change back the course of history or are some things just inevitable?

With our next trailer, the Wanderer team (New Zealand-based indie game studios M Theory and Oddboy) showcase more of the unique characters and puzzles you’ll find in the game while revealing further, exciting clues about Wanderer’s underlying story."

3. Fracked

"In this reveal, we wanted to showcase what Fracked does best – seamless, fast-paced action adventure gameplay, which will be experienced on-foot, and whilst skiing and climbing. Fracked equips you with an interactive arsenal, as well as special weapons, providing you with the tools to step into the shoes of an action hero."

4. After The Fall

"After the Fall is an immersive thrill ride with fast-paced 4-player co-op action in a 1980’s inspired post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. This is not your typical sunny LA though; in After the Fall, all of hell has frozen over and LA has been left in ice-covered ruins.

 Set nearly 20 years after the apocalypse, the city is overrun with ferocious, once-human creatures called the Snowbreed that have driven humanity below ground, where they continue a raging fight for survival."

5. Wind & Leaves

"You’re surrounded by flower beds as you wander out of the verdant valley where you were brought back to life. You pause for a brief moment and gaze upon the barren and dusty hills in front of you. 

Will you be able to restore life in this world and stop the upcoming Cataclysm? Only time will tell as you make your forests grow, one tree at a time."

6. Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey (Already out on Quest!)

Bursting with the same vibrant design, adorable characters, and timeless puzzle-solving gameplay as the original, Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey is the next evolution of the classic Japanese action puzzle game franchise so many of us grew up playing.

 For the first time in Puzzle Bobble history, bubble puzzles now take three-dimensional form to create new brain-teasing challenges which will test the most die-hard veterans and newcomers to the franchise alike.

7. Arashi: Castles of Sin

Assume the role of Kenshiro, an elite shinobi and the last surviving son of the noble House Arashi. Castles across feudal Japan have been captured by ruthless bandits, the Six Oni of Iga.

With your wolf companion, Haru at your side, exact revenge for their merciless destruction and reclaim the castles for good. It is a time of warring states, and the land cries out for justice. It’s up to you to deliver it



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