RUNNER VR Is An 80s Inspired Motorcycle Combat Game Coming to Quest, PCVR, And PSVR 2

July 14, 2021


RUNNER is an arcade motorcycle combat game with a anime art style and heavy dose of 80s neon inspiration brought to us by Truant Pixel, the developers of 2MD VR Football.

Players get to control Mina, a bike riding rogue who is being pursued by the Caldara corporation through a massive highspeed expressway. The game will feature seven high octane sectors players must race through in order to escape. 

The bike you control features a selection of high tech weapons and gadgetry. A tactical radar system helps to locate enemy vehicles whilst the onboard weapons can be used to take them out.

Weapon load outs include a machine gun cannon, homing-missiles, target-seeking roller-bombs, and even lasers! The bike also comes equipped with an energy shield to protect from incoming fire.


Bike Dashboard Features

In addition to the weapon load out on the bike, you can also use handheld weapons against your opponents which is reminiscent of the video game classic 'Road Rash'. Players will be able to throw magnetic grenades and wield dual pistols. 

The pistols also feature a lock on missile alt-fire mode. When launching a missile the aiming reticule on the pistol will turn purple and a tone sounds to indicate target seeking mode is active.

Once active, Mina can trace any enemy to establish a missile lock and release the button to fire.


Handheld Pistol With Rocket Launcher

Scenarios will include a range of enemy types such as bikes, drones and heavy tank-like units nick-named 'Harassers'. There will also be boss encounters like the 'Razorback' which is a heavy assault 'motorcycle' featuring a host of nasty guns, grenade launchers, missile pods, and energy weapons.

If this onslaught of vehicular baddies is not enough, there are also static and moving obstacles to avoid along the highway. Performing daring high speed manoeuvres around these obstacles will allow you to build up R.U.S.H. energy. 

Gathering enough R.U.S.H. energy allows you to enter a Matrix like slow down mode with a time dilation effect that slows down everything but your fire rate allowing you to unload entire clips into pursuing baddies in a fraction of a second.

Destroying enemies grants a score bonus which can be increased by stringing together combos. When an enemy is destroyed a combo timer begins to count down to how long you have to make another kill to earn a combo bonus. 

In addition to increasing a players score, combos also refill the R.U.S.H. meter and can even extend the time of an active R.U.S.H. period!

RUNNER also includes an analog camo kit that allows full customisation of your bike's colours using primary, secondary and tertiary colour sliders. 

The fast-paced action is backed by a retro-futurism synthwave soundtrack by Fat Bard to accompany the 80s cyberpunk theme.

A release date has not been announced yet but Truant Pixel promise more details in the coming weeks.

Want more? Follow the official RUNNER Twitter page here where the developers Truant Pixel give regular tidbits and sneak peaks. You can also wishlist the game on Steam here and watch the official trailer below. 



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