Stones Of Harlath Gameplay and Impressions

June 3, 2021


Today Stones of Harlath drops today in the Oculus Quest store and the developers over at Garage Collective studios were nice enough to let us get our hands on it early.

Not this is now the full review (that will be coming later!) but what we wanted to show you where the first 30 minutes of gameplay... 

Accompanied by my "off the cuff" feedback and opinions!.

Check it out below!

It really is a love letter to the RPG 8bit games of old and that's something that shines through in Stones of Harlath!

They also priced this game incredibly well and for that, I hope they see the success it deserves. You really do get a lot of verity in gameplay with this title!

The hard truths?!

Had they maybe just doubled the pixel count on the designs of the characters and paid more care for the importance of believable voiceovers...

This title could have easily sold at a higher price point and given very little to complain about here! 

The review is on its way but until then, what do you think about The Stones Of Harlath? Tell us in the comments below!

UPDATE: The Stones of Harlath review is now up with an official Dynamite Score!!



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