Top 5 Most Anticipated Oculus Quest Games

May 28, 2021


The Quest platform has enjoyed much success since the original headset was released back in May 2019. Along with this success has come an increasingly impressive library of games and the quality releases don’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. We talk about five of our most highly anticipated Quest games below and the reasons why you should be excited.

#1 - Resident Evil 4 VR

What we can expect: When Resident Evil 4 was released on the GameCube back in 2005, it was met with critical acclaim and is still regarded as one of the best games in the series. 

This installment of the franchise is a departure from the previous titles as it provides players with plenty of ammo for a more action focused game. We know that the VR version is going to remain quite close to the original in terms of the gameplay and assets. Character animations and cutscenes have been faithfully converted over from the original. Original textures have also been used but re-painted or up-resed for the Quest, while aspects of the original game sounds have been converted into spatial audio for a more immersive experience.

Whilst a lot of effort has been made to preserve features of the original game, other aspects of the game have been changed completely for the sake of immersion. For example, you will now be playing from Leon’s first person perspective rather than from the third person. You will also be able to use motion controls to physically pick up keys, ammos and treasure, as well as to aim, reload and shoot guns. Dual wielding is also possible, and weapons can be retrieved directly off of the body. Whilst this game is at the top of the wish list for many Quest users, owners of the original Quest are out of luck as RE4 VR is going to be an Oculus Quest 2 exclusive.

Release date: Later this year

Find out more:  See the announcement trailer here -

#2 - Green Hell VR

What we can expect: Green Hell VR is based on the 2019 flatscreen PC version developed by Creepy Jar. The game is set in the Amazon rainforest and sees you battling the elements, local wildlife and your own sanity in order to survive. Building, crafting, healing and hunting are just some of the skills you will need to learn along the way if you want to stand any chance of staying alive.

A PCVR and Quest version of this game are currently being developed separately from the ground up. This enables each version of the game to be tailored specifically for the platform it is being designed for. We don’t know much about the Quest version right now but we do know that compared to the PCVR adaptation it will have a looser connection to the original game given hardware limitations. We know that the Quest version will have differences in managing inventory, crafting, and building when compared to PCVR. The PCVR version will also be open world whilst the Quest will be ‘as open [world] as the platform allows’. This means that on the Quest there will be some restrictions on where you can go in the game but Cami (the head of marketing for Incuvo games) says that these boundaries will be hidden in ways that feel natural, such as strategically placed hills barring your path.

The thought of an open world, realistic VR survival experience where you need to craft useful items from what you find like some kind of jungle MacGyver is something that has us very excited. 

#3 - Larcenauts

What we can expect: Larcenauts is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter that doesn’t take itself too seriously. From what we know you will have at least eight larger than life characters to choose from, each with their own special perks.

For example, the robot called Thal is a tank-like character equipped with a weapon called ‘Brave-Hammer’ that offers overwhelming stopping power, whilst the mysterious alien from another world known as Chi has healing abilities and would likely be an essential support character.

 Larcenauts will also feature character progression and stat upgrades, along with customisable loadouts and stylish skins. 

There will be 6v6 crossplay multiplayer and much like other team-based multiplayer shooters, close cooperation with your team and relying on each other's strengths at key moments will be essential to success.

The game will feature 3 different game modes across 4 otherworldly maps. Game modes include classic deathmatch, a Dronehack mode which will be similar to capture the flag, and a territory control mode called Refuel.

You may have also noticed the similarity between Larcenauts and other popular multiplayer shooters like Overwatch. If Larcenauts manages to pull off the same accessible and addictive team based gameplay as its closely related siblings, it’s sure to be a hit.

Release date: Summer 2021

Find out more: You can find more details about the characters, maps and modes on the official website -

#4 - Assassin’s Creed/Splinter Cell

What we can expect: Both games have been combined as one entry because they are created by the same publishing powerhouse Ubisoft.  

Assassin's Creed is an open-world action-adventure stealth game. You play as a member of an elite faction of assassins battling a group known as the Templars throughout various points in history. Splinter Cell is also a stealth title but set in the modern day. You follow special agent Sam Fisher as he uses state of the art weaponry and gadgets to complete covert missions. 

Not much is known about these two VR titles yet. They were announced as coming to the Oculus platform at Facebook connect back in September 2020. We know through job listings that Splinter Cell VR will likely have a multiplayer mode of some sort. These games are also likely to launch across the Quest and PCVR platforms simultaneously. We are excited about both games despite the lack of information as these are two triple A franchises backed by an experienced developer set to deliver a top quality VR experience. 

Release date: Unknown

Find out more: Keep up to date with the latest news about these two titles from the Ubisoft website -

#5 - Project 4

What we can expect: Project 4 is another game we know very little about but from what we do know it sounds very promising. This game is being developed by Stress Level Zero and will be the follow-up to the massively popular VR title Boneworks.

If you’ve never heard of Boneworks before, it’s a uniquely satisfying FPS action-puzzle game where the player is tasked with escaping from a virtual city. The game revolves around a complex physics system that allows you to approach combat and puzzles in a number of ways. Boneworks enjoyed a very positive reception making an estimated $3 million dollars in revenue in the first week of its release.

Although nothing is certain at this point, Project 4 is thought to share the same physics engine and progression system as Boneworks. We are also fairly confident we’ll see a Quest, PCVR and even PSVR release at some point. Given the popularity of Boneworks there is a lot of interest surrounding this one despite the virtual radio silence ever since it was first announced back in September 2020.

Release date: Unknown

Find out more: Check out this fandom wiki page for news and speculation about Project 4 -
Release date: Later this year



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