TOTALLY BASEBALL Coming To Oculus Quest

July 7, 2021


We got our first look at Total Baseball and it looks like the Wii sports baseball game we originally dreamed of years ago!

TOTALLY BASEBALL is the only VR Baseball Game that lets you play the full sport of Baseball!

Throw a strike but if the batter hits it to the outfield...BOOM!

Now you're an outfielder and now have to run over and catch it! You'll be amazed at how realistic our throwing feels! Start with easy mode and throwing assist set to high, get better over time, and play with less assistance for more of a challenge!

-Multiple throwing options
-Multiple venues to choose
-Multiple locomotion methods
-Customizable comfort settings
-Customizable characters
-Practice and Tutorial modes
-Multiplayer COMING SOON!

Have trouble with throwing/aiming but still want to play the game? Don't worry we made a hand cannon option just for you!

Oculus only allows games with deeper gameplay into their store, so I feel safe that this will have something to satisfy every baseball fan out there!

This looks to be cross-platform and while we know it's coming this month (July), there currently is no set date.



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