Upcoming VR Games For Oculus Quest And Other Platforms!

June 9, 2021


It seems VR owners have plenty to look forward to with a host of quality new upcoming VR games headed our way. We’ll go through ten games coming this year and beyond for the Oculus Quest and other VR platforms that are sure to get you excited!

#1 - Green Hell VR

This is the psychological thriller survival game set in the Amazon rainforest that’s coming to the Quest later this year. We’ve covered Green Hell VR on VR Dynamite before, you can find out more about Green Hell VR in our Top 5 Most Anticipated Oculus Quest Games article here.

We don’t know too much about the Quest version yet but have seen the release of some screenshots recently and it’s looking great!

Green Hell Image 1 Oculus Quest
Green Hell Image 2 Oculus Quest

These Screenshots Come From the Quest Version Of Green Hell VR

We have also been told these screenshots are from an earlier version of the game and further texturing has happened since these were taken which means we might be in for even more of a visual treat when the game finally arrives later this year.

Platforms: PCVR, Oculus Quest

#2 - Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall  

A PCVR gameplay trailer of Warhammer Age of Sigmar recently dropped showing us the first in-game footage and it’s looking promising!

Whilst the gameplay trailer is taken from PCVR footage the game will be arriving on the Quest too and sees you battling undead forces with both melee and magic.

The game will be story-based and feature a combat system where you will need to put your weight behind each melee strike to cause damage in order to prevent players from just wiggling their sword to defeat enemies.

There is currently a closed Beta you can sign up for as a PCVR tester on the game's Discord here although be quick as sign-ups end June 10th. Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall comes to PCVR and Quest this summer.

Platforms: PCVR, Oculus Quest

#3 - Theta Legion 2

Theta legion 2 is inspired by classics such as Quake and Doom, featuring a mix of 2D pixel art sprites within a 3D environment. 

Whilst we don’t know much about the second installment of the game at this point, we do have this video of the work in progress.

If it follows the formula of the original game we can expect a solid run and gun FPS with a healthy dose of inspiration coming from the Aliens franchise; from the xenomorph baddies right down to the motion tracker you hold in-hand.

In this game you can expect to be fending off enemy hordes and taking on bosses across multiple environments that include frozen wastes and space stations. Games from the Garage Collective development team also typically include comfort options and the ability to play seated or standing to cater for different player needs.

Theta Legion 2 will feature 16 sprawling levels and is planned for release in 2022.

Platforms: Oculus Quest

#4 - Ven

Ven is an existing third person platformer currently available on PCVR and set to be ported over to the Quest. In this game you play as the alien Ven as you platform your way through his magical home planet trying to stop its destruction at the hands of Bruce Nelson.

The video of Quest footage which you can find on the game's Twitter page here shows the jungle environments with crushing blocks and destructible crates that gives off strong Crash Bandicoot vibes and looks every bit as challenging.

The game will feature cross-buy with the PCVR version and includes different difficulty settings and modes like a time trial mode to challenge players.

The Quest gameplay footage shows the port to be shaping up quite nicely and is predicted for release in the third quarter of 2021.

Platforms: PCVR, Oculus Quest

#5 - I Expect You To Die 2

This is the much anticipated sequel to the multi-award winning VR spy puzzle game.

You play a secret agent trying to stop the evil plans of the Zoraxis organisation. It’s up to you to solve diabolical puzzles or die trying in an effort to uncover the organisation's devious plan for world domination.

The first game was known for its clever puzzles that make good use of the players physical presence in the world and from the trailer it looks like this offering is no different.

In one part of the trailer we see the player has to improvise and use their clipboard as a make-shift shield to stop a (poisoned?) dart from taking them out. I Expect You To Die 2 is set to arrive on VR platforms in the summer of 2021. 

Platforms: PSVR, PCVR, Oculus Quest

#6 - Ancient Dungeon

Ancient Dungeon is a rogue-lite dungeon crawler that’s available to play right now as a beta release for free on app lab and Steam.

Each dungeon is themed and procedurally generated so that the layout changes with each playthrough.

Dungeons come filled with traps, secrets, loot, bosses and interactable NPCs. There are over 100 different upgrades to unlock, and combat feels very satisfying as enemies fall and stagger realistically in response to your blows.

The full release is due on the official Quest store later this year.

Platforms: PCVR, Oculus Quest

#7 - A Township Tale

A Quest version of Township Tale was announced back in February and testing of the Quest version began in March.

This is an open-world RPG that has sandbox style gameplay which can have many different goals depending on what you want to do.

For example, you might want to explore the layout of the world, or learn about its resources and the creatures that inhabit it, or maybe dedicate yourself to one of the many professions. Professions include blacksmith, miner, cook, archer, warrior, among others.

It seems that for now the developers plan to release on Quest without cross-buy but we are unsure when the release will be.

Platforms: PCVR, Oculus Quest

#8 - Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite is a game set in world war 2 where you play as an Italian Partisan protecting your homeland from facist forces.

The single player campaign focuses on 18 replayable missions where you get to handle authentic world war 2 weapons such as rifles, SMGs, pistols, shotguns, grenades & explosives.

Sniper Elite also features an X-ray kill cam to show the brutal damage your sniper bullets do to the enemies internal organs and bones.

Unlike other military shooters on the Quest like Contractors and Onward, Sniper Elite does not feature a multiplayer mode. Hopefully, this means that we will see an extensive and engaging campaign given all development efforts have gone into creating the single player experience.

Sniper Elite is set to release July 8th across multiple VR platforms. 

Platforms: PSVR, PCVR, Oculus Quest


Developers Joy Way recently announced that STRIDE has been approved for the official Quest store and has begun its beta testing phase.

STRIDE is a high-octane parkour-shooter where players need to run and gun across rooftops to survive. It currently features an endless mode with infinite world generation where you will have to run, jump and climb across rooftops quickly as the world falls apart behind you.

There is also an arena mode that requires completing certain tasks such as collecting items or taking out enemies. Then there is the time run mode which is all about speed as you compete against others to get the furthest in the quickest time possible.

There is no official word on the release date but we do know Joy Way intends to release a Story Mode for the PCVR version in the third quarter of this year so it’s also possible we might see a Quest release at or around this time also.

Platforms: PSVR, PCVR, Oculus Quest

10# - After The Fall

The co-op zombie shooter was confirmed for the Quest recently at the Oculus gaming showcase.

After The Fall comes to us from the creators of Arizona Sunshine and pits up to 4 players against hordes of undead called snowbreed.

Set in a post-apocalyptic frozen wasteland that used to be L.A, you will face off against waves of both regular and special snowbreed enemies that have been further mutated beyond the regular snowbreed types. For example, one special snowbreed type is a large, tank-like character that will grab you by the neck and lift you off your feet if you let it get close enough!

If you are missing one or more of the 4 people to play with, you will be joined by AI companions instead and will need to work together healing each other, sharing ammo and weapons to survive.

The gameplay mechanics sound a lot like Left for Dead in VR and promises to be quite the epic co-op experience. However, we have only seen PCVR footage to date and the game does sound quite ambitious for the Quest platform so it will be interesting to see how well it works on the Quest platform.

After The Fall is sledged for release across multiple VR platforms sometime 2021. 

Platforms: PSVR, PCVR, Oculus Quest

11# - Sam And Max: This Time it’s Virtual!

Sam and Max began as a comic book but didn’t really take off until Lucas Arts made Sam and Max Hit the Road for the PC back in 1993.

The crime fighting duo consists of Sam who is the six foot tall talking dog in a suit and fedora, whilst Max is the short aggressive bunny.

You can expect funny banter, action and crime solving elements from this game, but what really excites us is the creator who wrote the original comics is consulting on game design, story and art style!

In addition, veterans from Lucas Arts are also giving their input on the game and Lucas Arts had a great track record in the 90s for creating some of the best point and click adventures like Monkey Island.

With all of this talent involved we are expecting a quality game that’s probably going to be dripping in nostalgia.

Platforms: PSVR, PCVR, Oculus Quest


As you can see from this list there's a bucket load of high caliber content coming to the Quest and both PCVR and PSVR platforms. What game are you most looking forward to? Or is there another VR title you've set your sights on that's not on this list? Let us know in the comments below!



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